Fire Block District’s New Axe-Throwing Bar “Two Social” Has More Than Meets the Eye

Kelsey Calderone and Nathan Omlar, the owners of Gem City Social Sports, are eager to open their brand new activities bar in the Fire Blocks District. While axe-throwing may be the main attraction, there are going to be plenty more games and things to do! “If there are people in your group who don’t want to ax-throw, we’ll supply them with many other forms of entertainment,” says Nathan. It appears that Two Social isn’t only going to stand out from other bars, but other ax-throwing bars, as well.

The duo’s thriving Social Sports club has tons of excited members awaiting the opening of Two Social and the Fire Blocks District as a whole. With leagues of Kickball, Flag Football and T-Ball already under their belt, Kelsey and Nathan are excited to offer some new sports in the off-season. “We’re going to have bocce ball, corn hole and of course ax-throwing...” says Kelsey “providing opportunity to host our [Gem City Social Sports] leagues, as well!” Overall, the community that Nathan and Kelsey have helped build here in Dayton is beyond excited to take their energy into the Fire Blocks District, soon.

A Short History Of Two Social From Kelsey

In the Summer of 2015 I graduated from Florida State University. I knew that I wanted to work in healthcare but wasn’t quite ready to jump right back into school so I moved home to Fort Walton Beach. While spending 4th of July weekend out on the beach I happened to meet Nathan…Nathan from Ohio who I thought I would probably never see again. Life has a crazy way of making its own path for you though! Over the next few months, I worked as an Exercise Physiologist, though I loved my job and being at home with my family I knew that this wasn’t what I wanted to do permanently. During this time, Nathan and I stayed in contact and became great friends and eventually started making trips to see each other. Long story short, after much debate this southern girl decided to pack up and make Dayton, OH home in August of 2016. 

After living here for a few months, the Winter months started and I had no idea what I was in for, I discovered that seasonal depression is a very real thing and it was hard to deal with on top of knowing hardly anyone. I am thankful for these months now because they pushed me way outside of my comfort zone and were the driving force in starting Gem City Social Sports. In January 2017 I talk to Nathan about starting our own kickball league, just as a way for us to meet people and get active. A couple of weeks later in my tiny studio apartment, we decided on a name, applied for a business license, and hit the ground running. That April we officially launched our first kickball league with 84 people and we were thrilled. Over the next year, Nathan and I continued our careers in teaching while also still trying to grow GCSS. A year later in April 2018 we had our opening day of Spring kickball with just over 200 members! 

I never really considered myself an entrepreneur, again my plan had always been healthcare. After a stellar first year of running GCSS and the future looking even brighter, I decided to not go back to teaching and run the league full time. In a year and a half, we had created a booming business and I wanted to delve in deeper. Who knew that a small kickball league created to meet people would turn into something so much greater? We came to realize that so many people in the Dayton area were in the same boat as us and were craving a way to meet and interact with people. In the Fall of 2018, Nathan and I decided we wanted to expand on our league concept and give people a brick and mortar location to develop friendships and connections. 

We spent months trying to find the perfect location and after many many failed attempts we came across a new development coming into downtown Dayton and it seemed like it could potentially be a great fit. Fast forward to March 2019, we toured the properties that would be transforming into what will be known as the Fire Blocks District. After that first time in the building, we knew it was the perfect spot for what we wanted to create. We love the sense of community in the downtown area and we really wanted to be a part of the revitalization! Over the last few months, we have worked closely with Windsor to bring a totally new and unique experience to Dayton, thus Two Social was born! 

The name Two Social was chosen because it has many different meanings for Nathan and I. The obvious is that we are two very different people coming together to accomplish one goal, and that is to provide people with a place that they feel comfortable hanging out, no matter who they are. The second is that this is the second business that we’ve created, we’re bringing Gem City Social Sports and Two Social together to create a multifaceted social experience. Lastly, we love the audible play on the word two we are “too” social! We are not just a drinking bar, we are an activity bar. We want people to interact with one another whether while throwing axes, playing foosball, or old school Nintendo games. No matter what your style, there will be something for you at Two Social! 

We started this whole journey solely to make friends and we’ve honestly gained so much more than that, we have gained an entire family and we can’t wait to add new members to our family through Two Social. We believe that creating personal connections and friendships drives people to lay down roots and really invest in their city and community. We love our city and our Dayton family and are stoked to continue to grow and bring such a fun place to the heart of Dayton in the Fire Blocks District!

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