The Sweets of “Salt Block Biscuit Company” Ready to Become a Staple of the Fire Blocks District

A café is coming to the Fire Block District with a very unique focus-- country style biscuits. “I never hear anyone talk bad about a biscuit,” laughs Justin Mohler, the owner and chef of Salt Block Biscuit Company. The biscuits come in multiple flavors and will be served with a variety of jams, preserves and spreads in the morning, pairing wonderfully with the french-press coffee. The cafe will be located an elevator ride down for the tenants living in the urban loft apartments and right across the street from the creative work environments provided in the FBD office space.


“I’m not going to close as early as other bakeries in the area,” says Justin, who along with biscuits, will be preparing some wonderful cakes and cookies for those wanting something to finish off dinner. “On the weekends we’ll stay open around midnight for the theatre-crowd,” with longer operating hours than most cafés, Salt Block Biscuit Company is adapting to meet the Fire Block District’s needs.

Justin Mohler has been a pastry-chef in the Dayton area for the better part of twenty years and is excited to open his first business. “It’s just time to show my creativity to the city,” says Justin.

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