DESIGN  Located on the south side of the Elks Building, this classically styled commercial building features a distinctive polychromatic terra cotta main facade.  The first story has replacement plate glass windows.  Upper story bays are replacement paired 1/1 light sashes.  They are divided horizontally and vertically by decorated polychromatic terra cotta mullions and spandrels.  The building is topped by a cornice and decorated terra cotta balustrade.

HISTORY  Building was designed for Adam Schnatz by noted Dayton architect, Albert Pretzinger.  The “unsightly” structural remains of the previous building site was purchased by Mr. Schnatz in the winter of 1913.  This site was previously owned by Wilbur C. Kennedy and housed the Huber Furniture Company.  It was first occupied in 1916-17 when the Holiday Electric Company relocated to 18 South Jefferson Street.  The other store front remained vacant until 1919-20 when Brunswick-Balke-Callender Billiards occupied it.  In 1923, DP and L took over the entire building, using it as a fixture store and offices until they vacated in the 1940s.