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About the Fire Blocks District

Centrally located Downtown between The CBD, Waterfront, Oregon, and Theater Districts,
the Fire Blocks is situated as the natural hub of those spokes in the wheel framing the core of downtown.   

Today the FBD is once again rising from the ashes. Taking all these building and the
surrounding areas and adaptively re-using them to create a new community encompassing all areas
of a global urban neighborhood -- well-appointed residential apartments and condos,
boutique hotels, Chef driven Restaurants and Bars, world class green spaces and high volume retailers.
With over 150,000 sq. ft. of activated street level amenities, 200,000 sq. ft. of residential and hotel,
and 100,00 sf. ft. of new office space, in addition the a booming downtown development plan and thriving work force, The Fire Blocks are positioned to become the heart of downtown Dayton and the link between the ideas of truly being in a space where the new growth of city dwellers can...

 Eat, Sleep, Work & Play.



Owing it’s name to the historic 1913 flood, and subsequent fire that brought the original wood buildings to the ground, the district was reborn in a rebuilding project that saw the creation of larger, concrete and steel, Georgian, Federalist, and Art deco builds.


2 full city blocks bounded by 4th street and 2nd street on the north and south, and by Jefferson
and St Clair on the east and west, the District is centered on the main downtown thoroughfare of 3rd street.


37°43'42.9"N 119°38'09.9"W


The “Fire Blocks” district is the result of the Great Dayton Flood and monumental rebuilding project that followed.  Wikipedia has done a great job in describing the events that lead up to flood, as well as the resulting consequences.

It should be noted that this moment in Dayton’s past brought out the best in Daytonians.  Those streets with names like Patterson Blvd are named after some amazing people.

The following excerpt from a Margaret Jang poem sums up it up nicely.

“To know your future, you must know your past, each stepping stone that has been cast. Remember the good, as well as the bad, and feel the emotions of happy and sad. ”

Dayton’s past has built the foundation for the opportunities of the present and fuels the opportunities of the future.

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